Hello 🙂 My name is Jenny, nickname is Ellie (call me whatever). This blog used to be called Ethereal Ellie, but has been rebranded to #BeautyShelfie!

Beauty Blogger
This blog is my outlet to share with you the products I love and all my beauty experiences. I write reviews about the products I have been using, share some of my purchases, write tips and or advices about makeup, and finally just ramble about random beauty stuff! It helps me de-stress 🙂

I’m just a part-time blogger, a full-time lover of makeup.

I will be blogging about skincare. It is something I feel I want to voice because my skin is just a complicated piece of thing! I’ve experienced quite a journey of different levels of skin types, and because I’ve had bad skin, when I do see an improvement I’d like to share them with you. Basically, my skin type is: oily/combination and sensitive. It also fluctuates by the time of month and all that annoying stuff, so skin is quite close to my heart.

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