Beauty Haul from INDIA⎜Body, Face, and Incense

 I recently went to India. It was my first time visiting India. I stayed mainly in New Delhi, and of course, made time to visit the Taj Mahal. It was pretty jaw-dropping! But while I was there, I had another goal in mind – and it was to pick up some beauty products I’ve been eyeing and discovering what’s popular in India.

Part of my joy in blogging is bringing to you, my readers, discovery products – products not well known (in at least the States). This also means that some of these products might not be available to most of you (even to me!) Still yet, I thought it’d be fun to share what I picked up in India and share with you my thoughts about them – a later blogpost to come soon!

I’ve already tried most of them – and so far, all are amazing. I’ve known for awhile that India is topnotch when it comes to spices, oils, and scents. The product that I’ve been loving and have purchased over and over again is from the brand called Forest Essentials – which you can actually get here in the States (but you’ll have to pay for shipping). I’ve tried almost all of their scents and settled once and for all that I love their Madurai Jasmine & Mogra the most. I picked up a few bottles of their body oil and body lotion at duty free. You can read more about this here.

Then, from a department store I picked up the rest of the products. The store I believe was called The Cottage. A big brand in India seemed to be Kama Ayurveda. If any of you live in India and can correct me, please do so 🙂 But I saw this particular brand in most of the big stores (and at Duty Free). From Kama Ayureveda I picked up a face mist I blogged about here called Pure Vetiver Water – so far, amazing!
Another product from Kama is a hair treatment (that I will dedicate a whole separate post for here) called Bringadi. Oh goodness, so effective. Smell, not so good – but the effects are just wonderful!
One that I forgot to take a picture of (shame on me!) is a Bath & Body Oil from the same brand in the scent Rose Jasmine.
Then I picked up a face pack from that department store. I’m not sure of the brand but all it says on the packaging is “Face Pack” and “MySore Garden Rose”. They had two different face packs, but I remember picking up this one because it said Rose. I don’t recall what the other face pack consisted of. Again, I’ll blog in more detail about this face pack – but it is good.



Then, I bought several different scents of these incenses. You light it and then blow it out quickly. Then the incense smokes up a strong scent without the smell of smoke. And let me say, the smell is strong. I didn’t know how strong the smell would be so at first I lit up three at once and that was much too much. One can seriously scent the whole living room within a minute. The downside is that there is smoke that comes out, and so you don’t want to burn this too long in a small space. But this is a great alternative to candles and the smell is organic  and wonderful!

Finally, I have two Himalayan products – not from the same brand though. I bought a Lavender Pure Essential Oil from Himalayan Naturals. Essentials oils are so much more affordable over in India then they are here! (All of these products were actually so much more affordable than they would be here.)

Lastly, I have a Nourishing Skin Cream from Himalaya Herbals. My skin was so dry when I was there, and this really thick cream was all around a great cream to lock in the moisture. It is pretty thick, but that’s what I needed. It’ll definitely help me in the winter.


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