I’ve been gone for awhile, and I’ll probably be gone another two months. But before I do, I thought I’d pop in to give some of my readers and update to my blog!

The last time I did a little update, I said I was transitioning my blog to another URL, under a new blog named #beautyshelfie . Since then, being the amateur web person that I am, I have been fumbling trying to get all the posts on etherealellie to the new URL – and transitioning along with this blog, the rest of my social media sites. After awhile, I thought – there must be a better way.

I instead purchased a my own DOT COM – – and merged it with this blog! That way people who know my blog as etherealellie or as beautyshelfie can be directed to the same page. I’ve also changed my Instagram account to beautyshelfie as well. (Click here). As for the rest of my social media sites, I may either leave them as they are or change them slowly as I find time to do them.

I’ll be back for sure! But I’ve got a huge test coming up, and until I’m done with that, this blog will have to remain in the backseat. But I’m always checking my blog and reading up comments that anyone leaves, so my blog isn’t completed neglected! 🙂

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