Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

Introducing the best of the best concealer, ever. It’s the best of all concealers, combined. This Clio “Kill Cover” Pro Artist Liquid Concealer comes in four shades, of which I have the darkest (No. 4 Ginger) which isn’t that dark at all. But, we are talking about the Korean makeup market, which caters to most Korean girls skin tone (I’m Korean, but nowhere near as fair as most girls). But, this shade is perfect to conceal and brighten everything.



What I love? It is super duper long-lasting. I mean, even when the rest of my foundation is worn off throughout the day, the places where I have applied the concealer remains intact.

Another reason? It really, really conceals. I’ve been breaking out a lot on my forehead, and the blemishes just won’t go away. These dark spots are so hard to conceal, but this concealer is so good at doing its job. It’s like real-life photoshop and it just erases before your eyes.

This is smooth and creamy. It doesn’t leave any dry spots, and it does not crack up at all. It is creamy and so easy to blend, until it completely locks in, which after that, it won’t budge. Nope!

I’ve used this so religiously, and I have another one as a backup. It’s all of my previous favorite concealers, combined in one.

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  • Reply beauyshelfie

    *Let me note, the shade in the last picture came out darker than it is in person. The shade I would say is like “Custard” in the Nars Radiant Concealer.

    October 8, 2016 at 12:40 pm
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