DIY⎜Make Your Own Cushion Foundation!

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I’ve been appreciating cushion foundations for awhile now. You can read more about my thoughts on them, and what my favorite ones are, here and here. But today’s post is about how you can make your own cushion foundation. What’s the benefit of that you say? Well, if you are a foundation-mixer (someone who loves mixing foundations), and/or you are someone who loves a bit of touch-up throughout the day, and/or you’ve always found that the cushion foundations out there in the market are just not what you are looking for – then this is the solution for you! I’ve created my own cushion using Memebox‘s I’m Cushion product. With the product comes the instruction of how to make your own! 

Another benefit is the puff that you use with the cushion foundation. The puff that I have here (and usually all the ones that come with the cushion foundation) are antibacterial. And I love how well it blends the product into the skin. I actually have been using this over all my makeup brushes. It is just so easy!

I used my favorite foundations, mixed them together with a few droplets of my favorite serum to create my ideal cushion foundation! That’s the good thing about creating your own foundation like this. You can add serum or a nice face oil to add to the glowing effect.

So the foundations I mixed in are my two absolute favorites: Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage (Creamy Vanilla) and NARS Sheer Glow (Fiji). I have added a little bit of the Clarins face oil (just a little) to add a little glow.

What I was going for: I am a full-coverage foundation girl. I’m needed that, and most of the cushions weren’t doing a good enough job in giving me a full and perfect coverage. Both of my foundations nail it, and it is a bit thick of touch-ups, but it is perfect for the first application of my foundation!

How to: You’ll need q-tips or a small wooden stick (or anything really) to mix all the ingredients together!

  1. Take the cushion (aka, sponge) out. Make sure to leave it on a clean surface!
  2. You’ll need to pump out the foundation (a lot…) Do the proportion that works for you (if you are using more than one foundation) to get the ideal finish you want.
  3. Add a serum or oil if you want.
  4. Mix, mix, mix!
  5. Add the cushion/sponge.
  6. You’ll most likely find that the whole cushion/sponge is not saturated with product. Add the same amount you did on the bottom of the cushion/sponge to the top of the cushion.
  7. Then take the stick and start pushing in the cushion so that the product seeps into the cushion.
  8. You’ll need to repeat this until you see that the entire cushion is fully saturated (but of course, not overflowing with product).
  9. Then, voila! You are done 🙂



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