DIY Marble Laptop Cover

Happy 2016! Hoping everyone the best this year 🙂

I’ve been wanting to get a marble laptop case, but upon research, it seemed a little bit overpriced for just a cover. Most of the covers did not come with a hard cover/case protection. That was a separate purchase. Also some of the cheaper marble laptop decal/cover/stickers did not even come with a cutout of the apple sign. With everything that I wanted, the price was something crazy like $50. Upon further research, there was a way to do it at home!



I am not a DIY kind of person. I personally like things already made and done. I’m not even that into crafting, so for me, making the decision to make my own case was something. Not only would this save me money, but it also seemed pretty easy!

All you need:

I have a MAC Air 13-inch. Now, I don’t recommend this for people who are really protective over their laptops and can’t risk any kind of scratches. Because to be honest, while I was cutting out the apple, I ended up scratching the apple logo a little bit as well as some of the edges. But personally, it’s not noticeable and so it wasn’t a big deal!

Also, you need to take things slow and carefully!

Step 1: Roll out the marble cover to a size a little larger than the actual laptop (leave maybe 2 centimeters on all sides) and cut.

Step 2: Then begin peeling back the paper and stick it to the laptop. Make sure that you leave an extra 2 centimeters when you start sticking it to the laptop. Also make sure that you have a cloth or a napkin to rub the sticker to the laptop, squeezing out any air bubbles. You should not peel out the entire sticker and stick it the laptop. You must do it slowly, peeling a little, sticking it, squeezing out the bubbles, then peeling more, etc.,

Step 3: After you stick everything on the laptop and made sure there are no air bubbles, it’s time to work on the edges. Take a hair dryer, and warm up the edges. After about five-seven seconds, pull down the edges. Then take a precision knife and cut out so that it is precise.

Step 4: Trim the edges so that it stops exactly at the edge of the laptop. I tried to take a picture of how closely you have to trim the sticker. This is why you need that exacto knife because that will help you get a sharp clean edge.

Step 5: The hardest for last. Apple. This took me so long and honestly, if you look closely you’ll see it isn’t toooooo precise, but it still looks great! You need to take your precision knife and go slow, cutting out the apple.

Then voila, you’ll get something like this!



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