Finding my Favorite Innisfree Cushion!⎜Long Wear Cushion in Shade 31

I’ve been experimenting with cushion foundations, and if you’ve never heard about them, they are huge in Korea. Because of their popularity, Western beauty markets have been coming out with their own versions of cushion foundations.

What makes them popular? 
1. Easy to apply. The cushion foundations come with air puff sponges. They are quite unlike other makeup applicators. It applies easily and gives the foundation a somewhat dewy finish.

2. All in one. Most of the cushion foundations come with SPF+ (usually 50 SPF) and other skincare benefits. The higher priced ones come with all sorts of skin benefits. The Innisfree ones in particular aren’t so much like that (they are cheaper). But Innisfree themselves have different ranges of cushions that target different skin finishes. I’ll talk more about it later on!

3. Reapplication. It is so easy to carry it around and keep applying it throughout the day. I do worry about the hygiene, but I take care of that by sanitizing the air puffs almost every day (using my ProHygiene makeup cleansers).

My Problem with Cushions: 
Because most of the cushions are from Korea, they target what Korean girls look for the most. Korean girls love the dewy youthful finish. And, most of them have or love being fair-skinned. Now, both were my problems. I personally love dewy finishes too, but I also have super oily skin. And I absolutely hate the feeling of stickiness after applying foundation. That is a just a big no-no. But, I found that almost all of these cushions all gave me a sticky finish. From far, it did have a lovely dewy finish but I personally would feel that stickiness and it was just too much for me.

And on top of that, I am a pretty tanned skin. Not too tan, but definitely darker than the only two shades that Korean foundations come out with (No. 21 and No. 23). If I find a foundation that I like (a Korean brand), I’d find it too light on me. I could still work with it by using bronzer and whatnot, but it was just always a bit too light.

But hey ho! Both of these problems are fixed with my new favorite discovery!

So today I want to just talk about Innisfree cushions. I’ve tried other brands, but Innisfree is the only brand that I’ve had the chance to try all of their cushion ranges.

After trying all of their cushions, I’ve finally found my favorite. It is this Long Wear Cushion in the Shade 31.

Yes, shade number 31. This is a fairly new shade, and it is perfect for me. Because the shade is perfect for me, the foundation looks overall so natural as if I’m wearing either no foundation or just a tinted moisturizer. For reference I am a Shade 120 in MUFE HD foundation.

As for the Long Wear cushion, it is as it says. It has an overall matte/satin finish. I wouldn’t say it is completely matte where you look powdery, but just enough. It is definitely long wear compared to a lot of other cushions that have dewy finishes, and great for the summer. Because I’m oily, this finish works perfect for me all year around! As for the coverage, it is a medium to full. It becomes full as you reapply, but generally, I would say it a medium-full coverage.

Comparing Ampoule Intense cushion with the Long Wear.

The Ampoule cushion is one of the most popular range from Innisfree‘s cushion lines. It is infused with ampoule and gives, in my opinion, one of the most wateriest dewiest finishes. It gives the skin a beautiful youthful glow, and I would highly recommend for people who have dry skin (lifeless skin comes to life!). But personally for me, I find it a bit too dewy. It almost makes my face look wet in some areas where that doesn’t look so great (like under my nose and all over my forehead). I’ve also tried their Water Glow which has less coverage than the Ampoule Intense and a little less lasting. That too though, has a great dewy finish.

I can safely say that they are great for sensitive acne skin (me!). I’ve tested them all, and they do no break me out. And the Long Wear for me is a definite repurchase and I hope that other brands would come out with darker shades than just no.23.

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  • Reply #beautyshelfie - DIY⎜Make Your Own Cushion Foundation!

    […] for awhile now. You can read more about my thoughts on them, and what my favorite ones are, here and here. But today’s post is about how you can make your own cushion foundation. […]

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  • Reply Annisa Bayanti Nusantara

    Where did you buy innisfree long wear cushion in shades #31 a.k.a sand beige bcs it’s hard to find even in its website. Thank you.

    May 22, 2016 at 1:09 am
    • Reply beauyshelfie

      Hi! I bought this on their website when it was in stock. Unfortunately, they have been running low on this shade, and I too keep checking back on their website to see if they have restocked. They also recently had a massive sale which is probably why they don’t have this in stock. Maybe wait a couple more weeks 🙂

      June 3, 2016 at 6:13 pm

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