Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets⎜402, 403

There is a great new lip product out from Giorgio Armani. These are super matte, long-lasting, super pigmented liquid lipsticks that are absolutely non-drying. I’ve tried other liquid lipsticks from Giorgio Armani and from other luxury brands, but from all those products I’ve tried, this is my favorite.

I have two shades: 402 and 403. They are both rich reds, 402 is a bright warm shade and the 403 is a dark rich red. I am looking into 504 and 505 as my next purchase because I love this line so much.

For red shades, I don’t do glossy. It can make my entire makeup look messy. But if a rich red color is nice and matte, and it doesn’t smudge everywhere, that’s a win-win for me. Now, I will say that it’s not like you drink from a cup and you will see no stain. You do in fact see stains and if you do rub or eat, the color will wear. But it’s not too much. And I think that was compromised because they tried to make the products not too drying. Whereas other matte liquid lipsticks are super drying, my lips do not peel at all throughout the day. As long as I am not devouring or drinking too much, the lipstick will last all day.


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