January Favorites⎪Makeup Highlights

It’s a little late, so even though I’m posting this as “January Favorites”, it’s more like makeup that I’ve been enjoying recently. I kept the usual ones out of this post because I mention them all the time, products like Estee Lauder Maximum Cover foundation or my Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil. I wanted to add new favorites and products I haven’t mentioned in awhile.

Products I’ve been loving for a long time but haven’t mentioned recently: Perfekt Brow Perfection Gel. I love this stuff. Another long time favorite is the Nars lipstick in the shade Honolulu Honey. It really is a beautiful peach nude that works well with my skin tone. (See the swatch here) Love, love it! And finally, this product isn’t “new” in that I’ve already featured it on my blog here but it is fairly a new discovery so I thought I’d best mention it. It is the BeautyBlender makeup applicator.

As for new products, I have quite a few – ones I have never mentioned on my blog before.

You know I’ve been obsessed with primers right? I mean just the past year, I’ve used three different kinds of primers for the face. And even still, if I hear about a good primer, I am willing to try it. They make all the difference in the world when it comes to how you look throughout the day. This really cute packaged primer called Egg Pore smooth balm from TonyMoly is a pretty darn good primer! It is meant to be used where you are oily and where your pores are visible. It has a tightening effect because of the egg that they use. It also contains other ingredients that helps clear the skin as well as keeping the makeup on. The egg and camellia extracts controls sebum and oil production. Because it is a balm type, it is amazing in smoothing over bumps, pores, and wrinkles! Above all else, it smooths the face and keeps makeup lasting long and that’s what makes it pretty amazing. You can get this on Amazon.

Another new product that I’ve been in love with is Chanel‘s “Inimitable Waterproof” mascara. Oh goodness, where do I begin with this mascara? I guess I’ll begin by saying that I love that it keeps my curls on… all day. I have thick straight lashes. I don’t even expect my eyelashes to curl, let alone, stay curled. The last time a mascara kept my curls was the ByTerry mascara that they stopped selling. After that one exorbitant priced mascara, I went back to be okay with straight lashes. But then, I discovered this and just was amazed.  Read the review here.

A lip product that I’ll do a separate post about is the HolikaHolika Waterproof Tint Stick. This thing is something I’ve never tried before – a tint that takes things to another level. Really. You’ll have to take my word for it until I write an in-depth review because… it’s that good.

Finally, an eye palette that I love because of its versatile use is the Pony x Memebox Palette 1. I love that some of the shades can be used for contouring and even brows. You can create so many looks with this one palette. You can read more about it here.

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