I did one of these “Keeping Makeup on All Day” posts last year. Well, I’m going to do it again this year, but this time introducing a new product that really works.

Recently, my sister had her wedding. No one warned me that even the people around her would become completely captured in the craziness. Somehow I got caught up by time and soon, I found myself having to do my entire makeup in just 10 minutes.

Sure, I’m not the bride. But still, it’s good to look nice on someone else’s wedding, especially if that someone is your sister! So, I knew I wanted to look nice and so I knew I had to use the most fool-proof beauty products to create that look. The most important part is to make sure I was priming my face so that my makeup would last all day.

I bought this Hourglass Mineral Veil Oil-Free primer in my recent Sephora VIB shopping. I had a whole blogpost and video dedicated to the things I bought, and I promised I’d do a review on them once I knew enough about them. Of them was this Hourglass product, my first Hourglass product in fact.

I heard much about the primer, but in all honesty, I have tried both Makeup Forever HD primer and the Smashbox primer and I don’t recall liking them much. The whole idea of these invisible powder like liquid primers confuse me. They are so velvety and soft, and you spread them all over your face. Because they are invisible and so powdery, you don’t know if you’ve done a good job evening them out. They kind of sit on your skin and you wonder how this will help your makeup sit on top of this later of softness you’ve created. I always feared that adding a liquid foundation on top of the primer would make the primer beneath smear all around as I’m working in the foundation.

Anyway, but I gave it a go. At first, I used it with my This Works primer which I love and swear by. I was worried that the Hourglass primer wouldn’t work and so as a backup, I’d have my fool-proof primer to help me through the day. I found though that when I used this primer, my skin that day looked… pretty nice. The fine lines were slightly less visible. My makeup lasted all day, without any touchups needed. At all.

I tried it again the next day. Same. So, I took the next big leap and decided to use it on its own.

My makeup lasted all day. And my skin looked really nice. Velvety. Smooth. Matte.

Whoa. This was a discovery!

So on the wedding day, I gave it a really test. It was so good! Unlike other primers (like the oil-free NARS primer) this wasn’t irritating or sticky at all. I was seriously more than impressed. Yes, I should be though. It is a whooping price of $52! Of course now, I bought the smaller size which is $18. Because I only need one pump, I think $18 is a pretty good deal. It’s also so travel friendly.

They have a different kind, meant for more mature skin for nourishment. But, as I’m still young (yes!) I went for the oil-free. It truly gives you a matte, natural, and oil-free priming to the skin, all day!

In addition, I have here two other products I know are really good at what they say it does. PRIMING and LONG-LASTING. This Works primer/tinted moisturizer is a cult favorite of mine. Then Skindinavia is also good. Just give that a slight spritz of an X and T motion. Then, this Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. Awesome!

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