Korean Beauty/Skincare Haul, Part One. ISOI SKINCARE

When my mother told me she was going to visit South Korea for a mere week, I took it upon myself to give her a list of things I wanted her to get for me. And kindly, she did. But I have to say, all she had to do was go to the isoi counter and get a bunch of their products. When I went to a Korean skincare/beauty PR event a few months back (read it here), I tried out a product from isoi. It was quite pricey, but what really sold me was that they had a whole line using Bulgarian rose.

Sigh, Bulgarian Rose. Last time my sister went to Bulgaria, she brought back bags… I mean bags of pure Bulgarian rose products. We didn’t even know their roses were famous until she went there. Everything and everywhere were rose products. When she brought back the products, I loved them all and I even blogged about a lot of them. You can read some of them here 🙂

That being said, I guess word got in to the Korean beauty market. The brand isoi brought out a line using Bulgarian rose. But even if it isn’t just their line, I just love this brand’s philosophy! They promise that their products (ALL) are FREE of: Parabens, synethic colors and fragrance, PEGs, mineral oils, silicones, etc.,… basically, anything toxic for your face. That makes me really happy, it really does!

I will write a more detailed review of each of the products, but one that is a repurchase (the one I tried from the PR event) is the Blemish Care Serum from their Bulgarian Rose line. It feels like water. It seems like nothing, but oh, the difference it made!

I am also currently trying the Bulgarian Rose Waterful Cream which so far feels amazing.

There is going to be a Part Two, where I talk about some of the makeup I got. I’m just having fun trying all these products, whoohoo! 🙂 Read it here!

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