Life Update #10⎜Cafes in Brooklyn & LIC

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Life has been moving slowly since the Fall, and I’ve been enjoying my mornings at cafes. It was my dream at one point to start the morning at a super hip cafe, sipping a delicious cup of coffee, and having a relaxing laptop time. I’ve been accomplishing that small dream but trying out cafes in Brooklyn. Yes, this is a beauty blog but it’s also a lifestyle blog and I thought if any of you are in the area, you’d might want to try these places! 

  • AP Cafe, Bushwick, Brooklyn

I love the interior here. Clean, white, and simple. But no seriously, the coffee is amazing. And the food. Just love it here! I recommend the drip coffee. I tried the cortado as well but I think I like the drip the best!



  • Toby’s Estate, Bedford-Sty, Brooklyn

You’ll find Toby’s Estate in the city too, but I want to the one in Brooklyn. It’s so popular, that by 8:30am, you’ll have to share tables with others. It gets pretty packed and crowded, with nonstop people coming in. It wasn’t very relaxing I have to say, but the coffee was good, and the vibes. I recommend the flat white here!



  • Cannelle Patisserie, Long Island City

This too is a chain, but I went to the one that opened recently. What I love about this cafe is the sweets! Seriously, Cannelle bakery has the best mille feuille and croissants!



  • Sweet Leaf, Long Island City

Love this place for the peaceful, relaxing vibes and their coffee. They have a few selection of desserts but their voodoo child coffee drink is what I always go for!


I’m going to continue to try out new places! Let me know if you have some recommendations as well 🙂

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