Life Update #8 ⎜My New Camera Canon VIXIA mini x HD

I’ve been eyeing this videocamera for the longest time. I thought this would be the perfect one to do small tutorials on my Youtube channel as well as vlog for my own personal joy (probably nothing for my channel).

I don’t know anything about cameras. DSLRs? No idea how they work. Ultimately, all I do with a camera like that is put it on auto and hope everything works out. I do use a DSLR for my blog right now, but it’s something my sister lent me. She tried explaining things to me, but… I just don’t get it!

So while I’m taking pictures with a camera I still have to figure out how to use, I made this really cute purchase! It is the Canon VIXIA mini x HD

Seriously though, how cute is this camera? You can lift the screen so you can see what you are filming and also film yourself. I love that it is horizontal so it gives more stability. They have a more recent edition that has image stabilization and longer battery life- but they didn’t have it in white! And it was about $100 more – and I just came down to conclusion that with what I need, this cute white one will do.

Also, I love that it is so small. It is as handy as a cellphone, and I think that’s more comfortable to walk and record around with. Although I love vloggers I wonder how they ever have the courage to walk around filming themselves. I love that this camera is a bit more subtle.




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