Maybelline WaterProof Mascaras

Why did it take me so long to figure out that all I needed was waterproof mascaras to keep my thick straight lashes, CURLED? After spending dollars and dollars on high-end mascaras like Chanel (read here), Lancome, ByTerry (read here) … I’ve finally purchased drugstore mascaras from Maybelline and I am loving it. 

The two that I decided to try were ones that I’ve heard a lot about: Rocket Volume and MegaPlush. The important note here is that they are both waterproof! 

I love the Rocket Volume much more than the MegaPlush. The Rocket Volume gives a dramatic voluminous lash look. It is also so easy to use, and all in all, a win-win mascara. And again, curls last all day. No flaking even after hours!  

The MegaPlush on the other hand, I don’t like so much. The curls are there, and that’s good. But, it isn’t so easy to use. The wand is wobbly, and they made it like that intentionally. It helps give your lashes a really natural flared out effect. If you are looking for thick and voluminous, this wouldn’t be the one. The MegaPlush has this gel-consistency that doesn’t clump or flake. And even after coating your lashes several times, when you touch your lashes, you can definitely feel how soft they still are compared to when you use other mascaras.

Still, I love a dramatic lash look so I prefer the Rocket Volume.

Both shades are in ultra black.

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