My Beauty Picks #5⎪February

February has been about missing the summer. Makeup was all about orange. It involved constant obsession with Giorgio Armani‘s lip pencil in no. 6, a hot vibrant orange. You can read more about it here. If you pair that with the Hourglass “Muse”, which is a neon coral, you’ll get that perfect summer shade. 
As for blush, Shu Uemura blush [read here] in “Soft Orange 542” has hit home run for me. Orange has a tendency to make you look tan-n-er but because this particular shade is so light, it has the affect of brightening the face. I recommend to people who are tan, and are afraid that this might be too light. What I love about it is that the color stay power is amazing! You know how makeup gets oxidized throughout the day, and soon the color you saw when you first applied by the end of the day, looks like a different color? Well, this blush is amazing because the color you first see is the last color you’ll see before you take it off!

MAC eyeshadows are still a bit daunting. There’s just so many to try, use, experiment with. I’m slowly getting a feel for what suits me. I find that it’s not enough to go off recommendations, but to really try them and see if they suit your skin tone. Two particular eyeshadows have been en pointe for me. First is the MAC “Soba” which is a brown-tan gold-shimmer eyeshadow. Perfect for defining the eyes without making you look like you have too much going on. It’s soft, and it’ll do the slight defining you need- and sometimes LESS IS MORE. You add mascara to your eyes, and you are set. 
Another shade that I’ve been loving wearing on its own is MAC “Paradisco”. Such. a. pretty. shade. I would’ve never imagined picking this one out of their many colors to buy! After much research and swatches, seeing it on people with similar skin tone as me, I went for it. Although it looks like a scary pink-red, when you swatch it you’ll see how soft it is. What I do is dust this all over my lids, very lightly. What you get is the no-makeup-makeup-look. A soft eye that has a slight pink but barely there look, and somehow, it works. If you want something natural yet feminine, try this one out! I love the effects of it so much. 
Then, for the final summer-reminsciencing product. Burberry Sheer Concealer No.2. Not only is the color highlighting, but something in it (pearls maybe?) helps the face look young, glowing, and healthy. Gotta love that, right? 

In terms of skincare, I’ve got to give a round of applause to two particular products: IPKN “Pore Fresh Cleansing Foam”. Best detoxifying cleanser by far! I got off of foaming cleansers after the beauty world has informed the world how bad foaming cleansers can be on the skin. I went for gel cleansers, balms, oils, etc., But what I took this product out for a try, I put the rest of my mild cleansers away. Because, this did the job. I haven’t used clay masks ever since. There was no need to, because this did what cleansers are supposed to do.
Take the guck out. 
Another product that blew me away unexpectedly was Mario Badescu‘s “Drying Cream”. [read here] I mean, I know Mario Badescu always gets it right, but I didn’t expect it to get it this right. I don’t know how it does what it does, but it’s a miracle product. It gets all those fine oily bumps on your face. It does, I swear. This cream kind of soaks up all the nasty oil heads, and soon you are left with a clean bump less layer of skin! I usually apply this only at time, since it is a thick consistency- even when you put very little on. You take a little, rub until invisible. Your face gets a bit white because of the product. You sleep, wake up the next day with a smooth skin. Within two days, small little bumps were gone. 
I call that a miracle. 

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