Nail Obsession⎜MARBLE Nails & Others

I’ve been going nail crazy. Now with a lot of time on my hands, I’ve been taking the leisure to get creative with my nails. After gushing over Unistella‘s nails (read more about them here), I’ve become bolder with how I do my nails. Most recently, I’ve been trying out marble nails and loving it to pieces. I’m going to include some of the nails I’ve been wearing- from marbling, to nude chic, and others!

— White Marble with Gold Studs — 

This one is my personal favorite. I keep looking down at my nails, unsure if I have actual marble on my nails or what. This one is so elegant, and by far, the edgiest and chicest one I’ve got on!











—- Floral Marbling —-

I heard tons of compliments when I wore this one. It is both fun and feminine at the same time, and nothing to overdone that you can’t go to work with!




— Green Marble —
Tried this out with blues, but my favorite marble is with a dark green. It looks so real and… regal.
— Something Nude and Chic —





Let me know what your particular favorite was, and if you’d like a post dedicated on how to DIY them 🙂 I could definitely get a post up with the products I used and the techniques I did them with!


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