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I’ve added a cleansing tool to my cleansing routine. The last time I used a tool to wash my face was with a muslin cloth. Way back some five years ago (?) I used to use the Clarisonic but that became a chore to maintain and carry around. But recently, I picked up the Foreo Luna Mini. This has changed my skin so much, for the better of course!





I’ve been eyeing this for awhile but I finally decided to splurge and get it when I found that a lot of facial scrubs and exfoliators were just not doing the job. After I cleanse my skin, I’d always feel like there was still something on my face. It just didn’t feel squeaky clean. When I used facial scrubs, it just felt like it was rubbing against the top layer of my skin, but wasn’t actually exfoliating. Because I wasn’t cleansing my skin properly, there was just dead skin piling on my skin causing more outbreaks and blemishes that would not heal, even when using expensive serums!

Once I added the Foreo Luna Mini to my skincare routine, my skin has changed drastically. Small bumps, gone. And after every wash, my felt so clean, even without feeling dry or sensitive.

So, what does this Foreo do?

It is a T-Sonic facial-cleansing brush for a deep and gentle cleanse. It has nonabrasive silicone touch points that’s gentle for all skin types. It cleanses significantly more effectively than washing by hand. It helps diminish appearance of enlarged pores and blemishes. It is also travel-friendly. You only need to charge it after 300 uses. It is also 100% waterproof!

They have many versions, but I went for the mini because it is more travel-friendly and cheaper (although the original is small and compact as well). Also, they have updated their versions so they have ones for oily-skin, sensitive-skin, dry-skin, etc., Mine is just an all around “all-skin type” and because it is a prior model, it was much cheaper on Sephora ($99). The more updated mini’s are around $139. The original sized ones are $199. (There are two speeds on this model).

I love this so much. Love how effectively it cleanses and how much difference that makes to my skin. It absorbs the really nice skincare products I apply afterwards. It is also travel-friendly so I can take it anywhere. Also, I don’t have to worry about changing up the brush-head and making sure it is sanitized, etc., It is just so worth the investment!

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