[Review] Intense Hair Treatment⎜Bringadi by Kama Ayureveda

My hair, well… I called it fur. It was dead, lifeless, limp, fuzzy… seemed pretty much like cheap fur. Recently, I’ve been doing so much to it – and then at a particular salon, they burnt my baby hairs on top. Not waiting for that to completely heal, I then went ahead and bleached it, then used henna… and it was just a mess.

But in my recent trip to India (read my beauty haul) I picked up this Intense Hair Treatment called Bringadi by Kama Ayureveda. You gently massage this into your hair ensuring that the entire scalp is covered. You let the treatment do its wonders for 30 minutes. Then you shampoo it off. It is not meant to be left in the hair because otherwise, your hair would look really greasy.

What it does: it has natural ingredients that promote lush hair growth, prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature graying.

But my ends were so fuzzy and just in need of so much oil – I literally went from scalp, roots, to ends. I felt my hair soaking in every single molecule of this thing. And I left it in my hair for a day. Then when I went to shampoo the next day – my hair was so much smoother and silkier. My hair had life!

I’ve used this daily, doing more than just a 30 minute treatment. I would usually leave it overnight and my hair has recovered so much. It is really heavy but my hair needs it. If you’re hair is just “normally” damaged – you should probably follow the direction and just use it as a 30 minute treatment. But if you’re hair is in a condition as I described mine, then try leaving it overnight or longer. You’ll see drastic improvements.

Also they recommend putting this on scalp but I put some on my ends too.

As for the scent – smells like herbs and medicine. But it isn’t meant to be in your hair throughout the day but a wash-off so it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t mine the medicinal scent too much, as long as it’ll do its magic.

I recently checked online if I could repurchase this in the States. So far, I haven’t found a good place to purchase it. I’ll have to see how long this will last but I definitely will miss it once I’m done with it! A little does go a long way. All you need is a few droplets each time!

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