[REVIEW] Shara Shara Honey Bomb All-in-One Ampoule

I want to let my readers in the know of a great ampoule (serum like product) that injects moisture into the most thirsty of skins and plumps up dull and tired skin. It is from a Korean brand Shara Shara and it is their Honey Bomb All-in-One Ampoule. There are plenty of websites you can get it from (Glow Recipe, Memebox, and others).
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I picked this up at Glow Recipe‘s event in NYC, and I’ve seen this product mentioned here and there so I thought I’d give it a try. When I first started using this, my skin was at a state where it was just crying for hydration. I’m sure most of you are already aware, but being oily and dehydrated are not related. Meaning, you can be the most oily of gals but still lack hydration. That’s the kind of skin I have. My skin is always feeling tight, even when it is producing heck of a lot of oil.At a point where sleeping masks and three-four moisture creams and serums were not cutting it, the first night I tried out the Shara Shara Honey Bomb (I’ll just call it the “Honey Bomb” for short), my skin felt like it was swimming in moisture. My goodness, how good my skin felt. It felt relaxed in such a long time and my skin has been loving it!
So, how do you use it? It says it is an all-in-one (toner, serum, and moisturizer). I use it like a serum. After I properly cleanse my face, I tone my face. Then, that’s when I go into this ampoule serum. I can’t quite explain what ampoule is but it is an ingredient that is so loved in the Korean beauty markets for quite some time. It just injects life and moisture into the skin! There are tons and tons of products that use ampoule and so far for me, this is one of the best.
It is a gel-like product. It feels as light as water but as you keep massaging it into the skin (or tapping it in) it starts to have a little bit of resistance. But you’re not going to feel any stickiness or ickiness with this one. It gives moisture without this oil film (at all!!!).

I highly recommend this goodie. It is so good and it has been a staple in my skincare!

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