[Review] VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask

I recently received a box of eye mask to try out. It is from a low-profile luxury brand that I was unfamiliar with. The brand is VIIcode and it targets towards eye skin care. The Oxygen Mask is one of their products that “aims to provide prime skin care to user’s eyes by using advanced ‘Aerobic skin care’ technology as well as unprecedented original ecological plant oxygen extracts.” In terms of the ingredients, it uses ecological plant oxygen extracts that are extracted from natural herbal formula. 

DSC_0116 DSC_0118 DSC_0122So, behind all that science jargon basically these are like other eye masks that are to hydrate the eye and target all sorts of eye skincare problems (dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, bags, etc.,). It is shaped like other eye masks I’ve tried but the difference with this one is that it is meant to be an overnight treatment – so you can have them on for a good 8 hours. The box comes with 6 packets of gel-like material eye masks. It’s meant to be placed under your eyes, made large enough to cover a wide area under the eye. It says that it provides continuous 8 hours over night treatment.

The gel-like material helps the mask stick to the eye without irritating it. It doesn’t dry off like other eye masks so you can definitely keep it on for a good 8 hours. It was comfortable enough to sleep with it as well! Here’s a picture of me wearing the eye mask. DSC_0128


This is the inside of the mask, the surface of the mask that actually touches the skin. It has a nice cool effect when you put it on! Overall, it is quite pleasant to use. It helped with the puffiness, and again, I like it that it works for a long period of time. You can just stick them on and carry on with your business without the worry that it’ll dry out!

*The eye mask applies twice or three times a week and three boxes a course of treatment.

*A special promo code for my readers: ERWW-9TUAAB-BTN5CA for $5 discount (ends 12/31/2015)


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