RIMMEL Lip Lacquers

Today I want to rave about a brand new liquid lipstick or “lip lacquer” range that is beyond anything I’ve tried before. I’ve tried quite a few: Hourglass, Giorgio Armani, and YSL liquid lipsticks. I’ve reviewed the Hourglass and Giorgio Armani here. Although they each have their pros and cons, I have to say that a brand half their price has done the best! I’m talking about the Rimmel Lip Lacquers: Apocalips or also known as Show Off lip lacquers. 

Although I’m not sure if Apocalips and Show Off are the same thing (sold in different names from UK and the States), the formulation seems to be the same (and by the reviews, people are saying so). When I was in the UK, I went to Boots and bought these two shades: Apocaliptic and Shooting Star 

Then, a reader of my blog informed me that Walgreens actually sells these lip lacquers! So, I checked it out and decided to get these two other shades: Big Bang and Celestial

Here’s what I love about these lip lacquers:

  • Formulation: Ever so creamy! Not only should lip products go on creamy on the lips, they should also fade away without cracking and drying up the lips. These lip lacquers are perfect in that they go on so super creamy (like lip butters) and when they fade or you take them off, they don’t strip away your lips! The formulation is what I love the most about this product. 
  • Wear: Super long-lasting! Although it goes on super creamy, that doesn’t mean they just fade away from the lips easily. I can’t say exactly how many hours it stays on the lips, but I can say that it’s pretty long where you don’t have to touchup constantly.
  • Pigmentation: Rich and really pigmented. The more vibrant the shade, the more you’ll probably have to be careful in applying them!
  • Packaging & Applicator: this is really easy to apply, so even if you are working with vibrant shades, you don’t have to worry too much about getting it wrong. The packaging is very travel friendly, and for the price, it’s tres bon! 
  • Shades
    • Apocaliptic: cherry-pink that sometimes look red and sometimes fuchsia under different lights. It’s super bright and super pretty.
    • Big Bang: just think, Marilyn Monroe red! Hollywood-glam.
    • Celestial: everyday, easy pink wear that can’t go wrong! I thought it looked really similar to the Kate Moss 107 lipstick shade
    • Shooting Star: ugh, such a pretty nude! I have a light-medium beige skin tone, and this nude complements my skin really well! It doesn’t look washed out, and it really perfects the lip! 
I love every single shade I have. I don’t know if I need to go out and buy any more shades because I think I covered most of what I was looking for! If you want to try them out and you really want to be sure of what really is worth the buy, let me recommend: Shooting Star for that perfect nude, Big Bang for that perfect red, and finally for that perfect pretty in pink shade I recommend Celestial
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