Sheet Masks⎜K-Beauty Trend

Today’s blogpost is about sheet masks! I used to do a lot of sheet masks, but went off it for a long time. Then, with this surge of K-beauty trends, I thought I’d give them another try.

It surprises me how expensive websites sell their sheet masks here in the States. I thought of getting some of the sheet masks on websites that now sell Korean beauty products, but seeing how expensive they were, I decided to try other websites – even Amazon. Happy to say that Amazon is way more affordable!

I picked up three well-known brands. One from TonyMoly (I’m Real sheets), other from Innisfree (Real Squeeze sheets), and finally from My Beauty Diary (the Japanese version) – this one isn’t Korean but it’s still a sheet mask that I wanted to try out 🙂

I bought them in sets of 11 and 17 pieces. I’ve tried two sheets so far, and really, they are so easy! When you’re winding down in the evening or you have time in the morning, you can just lay this over your face and get on with whatever. After you place this on your face for about 20 minutes, you can continue the rest of your skincare or leave it as is.

Each sheet targets a specific goal and there’s fun in picking and choosing what you want that day! I keep them refrigerated so that it can give a cooling effect and help with bloating in the morning.

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