Simple Cleansing Water⎜Compatible with Bioderma Miscellare

This stuff aka Simple’s Cleansing Miscellar Water is amazing, totally compatible with the famous Bioderma Miscellare H20 makeup remover, and if you didn’t know, I swear by Bioderma‘s Miscellare H20, much like everybody else 🙂 But the one I’m raving about today is the Simple Cleansing Miscellar Water. I have been searching for something to replace the still hard-to-get Bioderma Miscellare H20, which is available but still expensive! And since I can’t make the trip to Paris any time soon, I had to find something.I tried being without miscellar water but my cleansing routine just wasn’t the same. I picked up the Simple Cleansing Miscellar Water about a week ago, not expecting much. But! I am surprised at how effective it is in removing makeup but also how kind it is to my skin. It really is “kind to skin” (their slogan) and great for those with sensitive skin (me!).

For a nice of around $8-9, I think this will end my search for a nice miscellar cleansing water!

A just for those who aren’t familiar with cleansing waters, you dab this water on a cotton pad and just wipe away your makeup or even your clean face. I usually use this as step one of my cleansing routine. So, after wiping my makeup off with a cotton pad, I go to proper cleansing with a cleanser and water.

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