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    Best New Primer for Acne-Prone Skin⎜Murad Invisiblur

    I am self-proclaimed primer junkie. I will try out any primer that’s been raved about, and with primers, I feel no shame in spending big bucks on them. I am super oily, and without primers, my makeup would never last! Not even the ones that promise a 12-hour coverage. Once I opened my eyes to primers, I have never been able to go back.

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    Recovering Skin from Holiday Madness⎪Facial Masks

    We are two days into 2015. I spent the holiday season with family and friends, and there was not a day when I didn’t wear makeup. And then, there was the food. My holidays were spent eating, eating, and eating some more. Not only did I put on some holiday weight, but I also neglected my skin a little bit. So last night, I took the time to put on some clarifying mask and bring my skin life again.
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    Discovery Product #7. SPECIAL HEALING POWDER as a PRIMER

    This is for the peeps who have been having trouble keeping their makeup on… on those days with the hormonal breakouts! I’m here with a good news 🙂

    I took an endlessly horrible skin week to find something that would help me look decent and presentable. I have been having such bad skin after I came back from California. Don’t know what it is, but when I was in Cali, my skin was behaving so nicely and right when I come back– it’s completely gone!

    After doing my usual routine, I decided it was time for change. I did switch up my skincare routine, which helped my skin immensely but something else that has been helping me look quite good-skin’ed is a new healing powder that I’ve had for a long time, stored away in my cabinet.

    It is the Mario Badescu (can I talk about this brand enough?…. no!) Special Healing Powder. I bought this, opened it, and found it made the biggest mess and so I had stored it away. Perhaps I used it twice before, each time saying… “it’s good, but it makes such a mess!” and not using it again.

    But recently, my skin has been producing so much oil and I was getting painful acne around my chin. I tried hydrating my skin, detoxing it, and doing all sorts of stuff. But nothing was really working, and even my well-beloved Benefit Porefessional couldn’t keep up with my skin! Makeup was just dying on me… cracking, melting, and patching away!

    So out of the blue, I thought I’d try the MB Special Healing Powder underneath my makeup… as a primer. Although it did make such a mess, I stuck with it. I powdered my face and I did look a bit like a clown! But after I powdered my face evenly, I then went on to apply my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer… finish it off with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder Foundation. Maybe I’ll do a separate post on this new foundation routine, but seriously… effective.

    The Special Healing Powder is this loose greenish powder. It says on the packaging that: “it is a sulfur based powder that will help not only control excess oils and reduce redness, but will also disinfect and heal blemishes.”

    I recommend it for the oily-sensitive skinned gals, or for those that are going through that skin-irritation caused by hormonal breakouts period. The green powder, as a primer, helps reduce the redness in the face. Then, when you apply foundation you will see that you skin looks so much healthier, velvety, and the makeup lasts so long.

    And what is better than knowing that underneath the makeup you have on (all day, even) is this Special Healing Powder that is constantly working to heal your irritated skin? It reduces oil indeed! And helps with the pore coverage! And, it disinfects and HEALS blemishes.

    I don’t care if this powder gets everywhere and makes a mess! If this is the result that I am getting, I’m sticking with it! xxx

    If the applicator is too much of a hassle and mess, you can use a brush or what not. Also, I know some people use this on top of makeup to set it! I find that using it underneath is the best and when I do that, I don’t need to reapply it on top. Also, don’t be surprised at how powdery this is! I bet you will all look like a clown after applying it haha. But stick with it and keep spreading it out evenly. Make sure to use it sparingly of course. You don’t want to overdo it or you might dry out your skin a bit too much. If you apply this after makeup, make sure you use a BRUSH and dust it maybe in your t-zone area. Don’t use the pad applicator that it comes with or you’ll end up with blots of green powder. But if you are using it underneath, no worries if you look cray. You just need to go through your next step in apply foundation. Then the green dissolves 🙂