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    Best Beauty Favorites of 2015

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    The best of the best are finally here! I wanted to keep the ones I always mention out of this post. I wanted to talk more about ones that were kind of exclusive to this year – mostly new discoveries, new launches, and rediscovered favorites. Here they are, categorized into skincare, makeup, and nails! Read more


    Byredo Parfums⎪Blanche

    I carry this everywhere. If you don’t already know, I am a fragrance-lover and I’m very keen on the fragrances I wear. The two brands that I rate as my all-time favorites are Diptyque and Byredo Parfums. (You can check out my fragrance videos on my Youtube channel)

    From Byredo I’ve been eyeing the Blanche fragrance because of its really pure, clean, simple, yet sophisticated and fresh scent. It captures that perfect Sunday morning with clean bedsheets on a breezy Spring day, somewhere in the countryside.

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