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    Stila’s Perfecting Concealer

    Conceal! Conceal! Conceal!
    Concealing, covering up, and putting on an illusion that something isn’t there… isn’t a credible character in real life. However, it is the most welcoming idea in the makeup world. Those lucky people out there with flawless skin, I envy you with all the beauty envy within me. Covering up and concealing blemishes, scars, etc., have been such a nuisance. Fortunately, I don’t have dark circles and so the need to fix up that bit is null for me. 
    I’ve searched for a good concealer, one that would literally erase the pigmentation. Most of the ones I tried were the paste-y kinds. They were great when put on, but you know you can’t dap bits of them on your face and hope to look… well, normal. You always have to blend and make sure those concealers don’t just sit on the spots. That can well attract attention to that spot! And I found that paste-y ones often were great when dapped on, but with a little blending here and there, were soon gone. Then I’d apply and apply until it was cakey right on that spot. It felt like a heavier foundation and wasn’t doing the job of erasing and staying put!
    Awhile ago, I came across this concealer neglected in some corner of my sister’s room. She must have forgotten about it, and I thought I might as well give it a try. After two tries, I decided I’d adopt it and keep it for my own 🙂 It was the Stila Perfecting Concealer. 
    Unlike the ones I’ve tried, this was a bit more liquidy. It comes in a tube as such, which I find is so much more sanitary. When you use a concealer from a pot, you’re putting your fingers in and out of that stuff, applying it on your spots that are probably more sensitive than other areas. I am one to constantly fix up my face, and just the thought of touching my face and sticking my fingers into that pot just doesn’t seem sanitary enough. So, the whole tube idea was quite appealing to me. 

    The product itself is really great. It’s, as I said, more liquidey than the concealers I’ve tried before. Somehow, that makes applying more natural and it stays on for so much longer. I use a small brush to dap it on my face. Then I blend it ever so slightly and voila! It erases the pigmentation. I also find that it lasts much longer than other concealers. The exact time, I can’t say but all in all, I found it lasted much longer than expected. Because of the handiness of the packaging, I wouldn’t mind taking this in my bag and appealing where needed throughout the day. It is quite natural because of the consistency and efficient in concealing! I’ve also tried using this to conceal dark circles (on my friend) and it worked really……. well 🙂 It’s an instant brightening. But, make sure you get a bright/light enough shade to do the work. 
    Thankfully my sister allowed me to keep it. Her skin has gotten quite nice recently and she found little use for it. Now it’s mine and is being very appreciated 🙂