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    DIY⎜Make Your Own Cushion Foundation!

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    I’ve been appreciating cushion foundations for awhile now. You can read more about my thoughts on them, and what my favorite ones are, here and here. But today’s post is about how you can make your own cushion foundation. What’s the benefit of that you say? Well, if you are a foundation-mixer (someone who loves mixing foundations), and/or you are someone who loves a bit of touch-up throughout the day, and/or you’ve always found that the cushion foundations out there in the market are just not what you are looking for – then this is the solution for you! I’ve created my own cushion using Memebox‘s I’m Cushion product. With the product comes the instruction of how to make your own!  Read more


    Too Cool For School⎜a Haul

    Too Cool For School is a Korean beauty line that’s known for their hip products! I don’t know too much about the brand as a whole, but I’ve always had them on my radar whenever I was in Korea because their store on Gahrohso-gil seriously calls you in.
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