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    DIY Marble Laptop Cover

    Happy 2016! Hoping everyone the best this year 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to get a marble laptop case, but upon research, it seemed a little bit overpriced for just a cover. Most of the covers did not come with a hard cover/case protection. That was a separate purchase. Also some of the cheaper marble laptop decal/cover/stickers did not even come with a cutout of the apple sign. With everything that I wanted, the price was something crazy like $50. Upon further research, there was a way to do it at home! Read more


    DIY⎜Make Your Own Cushion Foundation!

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    I’ve been appreciating cushion foundations for awhile now. You can read more about my thoughts on them, and what my favorite ones are, here and here. But today’s post is about how you can make your own cushion foundation. What’s the benefit of that you say? Well, if you are a foundation-mixer (someone who loves mixing foundations), and/or you are someone who loves a bit of touch-up throughout the day, and/or you’ve always found that the cushion foundations out there in the market are just not what you are looking for – then this is the solution for you! I’ve created my own cushion using Memebox‘s I’m Cushion product. With the product comes the instruction of how to make your own!  Read more


    DIY GlassNails⎜Nail Inspiration by Unistella


    I have been obsessed with Unistella‘s Instagram account, gushing over all of their nail designs. Since I can’t get their magical touch any time soon, I thought I’d learn one of their most loved nail design to do on my own. It is their “glass nails” aka “ìœ ëŠŹìĄ°ê°ë„€ìŒ” (yoo-lee-jo-kaak nails). Basically, it makes your nails look like they have broken glass pieces on them. It is so pretty, and totally chic enough that goes with any kind of outfit!
    Read more


    DIY Tea-Puff Facial Mist!

    Have I ever done a DIY post? I don’t think I have but today’s post is just that! It’s a really super easy but really effective way to “depuff” the face. It is this homemade facial mist targeting those days when you wake up to a thick layer of cushion on your face. Your eyes are about to disappear, and your nose has mounted some extra skin. Perhaps you’ve eaten pizza the night before, our Chinese take-out? Whatever the case, most of us suffer from swollen and bloated faces. This DIY is perfect for those kinds of days, and really all kinds of days!
    All you need is either green tea or oolong tea, both known to have high percentage of caffeine. As you all know, caffeine helps depuff. A lot of depuffing products therefore uses caffeine to bring about those results. So, green tea and oolong would be perfect for this.
    Brew it completely in really warm water. Make sure you leave the tea bag in as long as you can. The longer the better because that much more caffeine comes out. For drinking though, it is recommended that you brew only for about 2 minutes for that reason. 
    I chose this tropical green tea because the tropical part of it just makes everything better because it smells so fresh and nice when you spritz it on your face! After you brew it, let it cool. You can either cover it and leave it in the refrigerator or let it cool naturally. 
    Then what would be great is if you had an empty bottle of spray. I had an empty spray bottle I bought from CVS but right when I needed it, I couldn’t find it! So, I emptied out this certain bottle and made sure to clean it nice and well (since the product in it will soon be going on your face!). Then, I carefully poured the tea into the bottle.
    It is ideal to leave this in the refrigerator and to wake up every morning and mist your face with this. The caffeine plus the coolness will further help the depuffing process. You can take it with you throughout the day and mist it whenever. The great thing about this is that it leaves no stickiness and it’s so cost efficient! I decided to paint my bottle so that I can easily find it amongst all my products. 
    Just for bonus, I also added a certain ph- water. I honestly forgot what PH this water was, but it’s a PH level that it supposed to be ideal for the skin! So along with depuffing the face, this facial mist will also help the skin. And plus, it’s always nice to keep the face hydrated 🙂
    Do tell me if you try this out and what you think of it! I’ve been spritzing this all day and I’ve seen the effects. Of course, it’s not going to shrink your face immediately and so obviously. 
    I’m going to call this my Tea-Puff Facial Mist!