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    DIY Marble Laptop Cover

    Happy 2016! Hoping everyone the best this year ūüôā

    I’ve been wanting to get a marble laptop case, but upon research, it seemed a little bit overpriced for just a cover. Most of the covers did not come with a hard cover/case protection. That was a separate purchase. Also some of the cheaper marble laptop decal/cover/stickers did not even come with a cutout of the apple sign. With everything that I wanted, the price was something crazy like $50. Upon further research, there was a way to do it at home! Read more


    Life Update #10‚éúCafes in Brooklyn & LIC

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    Life has been moving slowly since the Fall, and I’ve been enjoying my mornings at cafes. It was my dream at one point to start the morning at a super hip cafe, sipping a delicious cup of coffee, and having a relaxing laptop time. I’ve been accomplishing that small dream but trying out cafes in Brooklyn. Yes, this is a beauty blog but it’s also a lifestyle blog and I thought if any of you are in the area, you’d might want to try these places!¬† Read more


    Jewelry‚éúHIGH CHEEKS

    Today I want to spotlight a new jewelry craze that I am in love¬†with. I stumbled upon this already hit brand in Korea recently, and since then, I’ve been scrolling through every picture they ever posted of their jewelry. The brand HIGH CHEEKS¬†is unlike any other jewelry I have, something I wouldn’t normally go for (I am more of the dainty-ring kind). But I’m in the zone now.

    Read more