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    DIY Marble Laptop Cover

    Happy 2016! Hoping everyone the best this year 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to get a marble laptop case, but upon research, it seemed a little bit overpriced for just a cover. Most of the covers did not come with a hard cover/case protection. That was a separate purchase. Also some of the cheaper marble laptop decal/cover/stickers did not even come with a cutout of the apple sign. With everything that I wanted, the price was something crazy like $50. Upon further research, there was a way to do it at home! Read more


    Nail Obsession⎜MARBLE Nails & Others

    I’ve been going nail crazy. Now with a lot of time on my hands, I’ve been taking the leisure to get creative with my nails. After gushing over Unistella‘s nails (read more about them here), I’ve become bolder with how I do my nails. Most recently, I’ve been trying out marble nails and loving it to pieces. I’m going to include some of the nails I’ve been wearing- from marbling, to nude chic, and others!

    Read more