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    October Favorites

    October has been a month of trial. I’ve been trying loads of new products, mainly skincare. My skin has gone from horrendous to okay by using some of the new products. I’m still trying a lot of them out, so I won’t feature my skincare collection until I’m sure.
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    Sally Hansen Miracle Gel⎪Truffle Shuffle

    Every brand is coming out with their own version of “gel” nails, aren’t they? I had my heart set on the Revlon GelEnvy nail polishes, but Sally Hansen makes pretty good ones too. But first off, before I compare the two brands – I want to take about this shade. “Truffle Shuffle” is a beautiful caramel brown. It’s elegant and perfect for the fall and winter.

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    Brand Focus⎪LORD & BERRY

    A brand I wanted to talk about for the longest time is Lord & Berry cosmetics. It’s a brand you don’t hear about too often on beauty blogs, and especially in the US beauty world. I’m still not sure whether it is a UK brand or an Italian brand but what’s for sure is that these products are made in Italy. I became aware of the product after Lisa Eldridge the goddess of makeup she is, used one of their lip liners in one of her beauty videos. What sold me was that the lip liner in the shade “Mandarin” which I actually have, was used on Kiera Knightley.

    So what do I love about their products? Let’s start with the packaging, shall we? I just love their sleek box packaging! The font is just super flattering. I couldn’t throw away the boxes because I just thought they were so sleek and too cute to throw away. 
    But aside from the design of these things, their products are honestly amazing! There aren’t too many places you can buy them at. Their website definitely isn’t the place to get them. I got all of my Lord & Berry from Hautelook but I also know that they sell some (SOME) of these on ASOS. I first bought a lipstick in the shade 60s Pink Vogue. The color was hands down, one of the prettiest bright pink ever. The pigmentation was intense, and once you apply it, you don’t feel it on your lips. It’s vibrantly there on your lips, but you don’t feel it. It’s great! This shade is from their vogue lipstick line, which is their semi-matte line. I heard so many compliments when I wore this lipstick, and I even let my friends try it on, just so they can see how amazing it also felt! 
    I loved this lipstick so much, I just waited for the day Hautelook would sell them again on their website. When the opportunity came, I kind of went a little cray and got a bunch.
    The lipstick below is a shade called Rose nu. This formulation is the same as the shade Secret Garden, from the line INTENSITY. You can see from the swatches that they are a bit shinier and glossier. But that doesn’t mean that their pigmentation is any less sheer. I love the shade Rose nu because it gives you the I-have-nothing-on-my-lips-but-it-is-well-kept-and-one-toned. What in the world do I mean? Haha. Well, you know those days when you don’t want to put any color on your lips; when you feel like your lip color looks really nice with the makeup you have on? But, at the same time, you find that your lips look a bit too bare? Then, this shade Rose nu seems to be that perfect shade that is a real your-lips color. 
    Not a nude. Not a pink. Just right.
    Before I splurged on Lord & Berry lip products, I did search up a few blogposts to know what to get. Most of the British beauty bloggers seem to rave in unison about their sheer Twistick. It’s like their lip crayon line. I thought I’d try the shade Rock & Rose which is a bright pink as well. It isn’t too neon pink as it look but actually quite wearable on a daily basis! It is definitely moisturizing and sheerer than their lipsticks. It is something you can easily slap on. But it isn’t completely sheer. I’d say it was medium pigmentation. 
    Another lip product that is constantly in my bag nowadays (August favorite?) is this lip crayon thing. It’s crazy but I don’t actually know the name of this product! All I see on the pencil is a number, so you can refer to that if you’re interested in buying this exact shade. But considering how tan I am, I didn’t think this nude pink would work with my skin tone but it does! It gives that pinky nude lips that I want — a feminine, lovely illusion haha. It is super creamy and thick. What I like to do with this one is tap tap on my lips and smudge it by pursing my lips together. 
    Seeing these pictures, I’m starting to think that maybe I did splurge… a lot. But they are just so good that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a range of their products. In terms of pencils– I’ve got both lip liners and eyeliners. Their eyeliners aren’t the best, but they are good. I use the black one all the time. The gray one, I only bought because Lisa Eldridge mentioned it, but I find that it doesn’t really work well on me. The nude pencil is just a necessity! I love it for brightening the eyes. 
    The lipliners are nice and waxy. I bought an orange one (Mandarin– the one Lisa Eldridge used on Keira Knightley) and a red one because I feel that for these two shades, you need a lip liner! 
    Finally, a blush. The shade sun kissed is supposed to give you that summer glow without actual pearls or shimmer in them. I thought it’d be good for that blush+bronzer shade where you can achieve two things at once. Unfortunately, the shade is a bit too dark for me. I’m still seeing if it is working for me but so far, it’s taken a seat all the way in the back of my makeup drawer! 
    and that is all! That was a lot, but I did want to introduce this brand for those folks who haven’t really heard about them. I love them loads and if you ever get the chance, try some when they become available on Hautelook. Not sure when, but I’m sure they will sell again soon! Otherwise, check other websites like ASOS or Urban Outfitters. xx


    My Cult NARS Lipsticks

    I was organizing my lipstick collection when I was looking through my Nars lipsticks and thought I don’t really talk about them, and felt I should have a blogpost dedicating it to my cult faves from their lipstick collection. I don’t have a lot of shades, but I do have one of each kind of color (a nude, a pink, a cherry, and violet)– and I feel that really is enough. I love the shades I have, and I’ve repurchased them loads. And even though I love them, you know how they’ve become so normal for you that you find you forget to feature them in blogposts and videos? Well, that’s the case with these lipsticks. I genuinely love them!

    The four shades I want to share with you are: Full Frontal , Honolulu Honey , Funny Face , Roman Holiday.

    I don’t think the picture came out true to color. That’s the thing about lipsticks. Sometimes, they are hard to capture their true shades. And again, colors look different for each skin color.

    Full Frontal – seriously, NARS has some names for these lipsticks. Anyway, these limited edition lipstick is such a beautiful purple/violet lipstick. It is really purple — not fuchsia or cherry-toned, or any of that. It is a true purple violet and I find it so flattering and different from other lipstick shades that attempt at a purple but fail by making them too pastel, too red, too pale, or too dark. I find this to be a perfect blend, and I do hope they make this a permanent collection!

    Honolulu Honey – yellow-toned girls, this one is for you. A beautiful nude shade that blends like cream with your skin tone. It is more natural than say MAC‘s “Shy Girl”. It’s a gorgeous nude that is hydrating and easy to use.

    Funny Face – this is the kind of fuchsia you want. As I was saying before, this is that blend of cherry-red and blue-toned purple. The color is very complex I have to say. In the pictures, it may look pretty red but it really has more dimension than that. I would think that different tones of the lipstick shade would shine through under different lightings. If you look close at the lipstick, you’ll see the pearly blue-toned purple! This is on the more intensely-pigmented side of their lipsticks. It is super, super pigmented and it literally tattoos the lips.

    Roman Holiday – guys, really. I’ve bought this lipstick four times. FOUR TIMES. And, that’s after using each lipstick to the very very bottom. Can you tell how much I love this lipstick. It is a pink that Audrey Hepburn would wear. Something feminine, something soft, something classic, and something PINK. It is a light pink, but it’s not too pale that it’d wash you out. I love it so, and the formulation is similar to Honolulu Honey. Creamy, hydrating, and pigmented (but not as intense as Funny Face).