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    January Favorites⎪Makeup Highlights

    It’s a little late, so even though I’m posting this as “January Favorites”, it’s more like makeup that I’ve been enjoying recently. I kept the usual ones out of this post because I mention them all the time, products like Estee Lauder Maximum Cover foundation or my Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil. I wanted to add new favorites and products I haven’t mentioned in awhile.

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    Discovery Product #7. SPECIAL HEALING POWDER as a PRIMER

    This is for the peeps who have been having trouble keeping their makeup on… on those days with the hormonal breakouts! I’m here with a good news 🙂

    I took an endlessly horrible skin week to find something that would help me look decent and presentable. I have been having such bad skin after I came back from California. Don’t know what it is, but when I was in Cali, my skin was behaving so nicely and right when I come back– it’s completely gone!

    After doing my usual routine, I decided it was time for change. I did switch up my skincare routine, which helped my skin immensely but something else that has been helping me look quite good-skin’ed is a new healing powder that I’ve had for a long time, stored away in my cabinet.

    It is the Mario Badescu (can I talk about this brand enough?…. no!) Special Healing Powder. I bought this, opened it, and found it made the biggest mess and so I had stored it away. Perhaps I used it twice before, each time saying… “it’s good, but it makes such a mess!” and not using it again.

    But recently, my skin has been producing so much oil and I was getting painful acne around my chin. I tried hydrating my skin, detoxing it, and doing all sorts of stuff. But nothing was really working, and even my well-beloved Benefit Porefessional couldn’t keep up with my skin! Makeup was just dying on me… cracking, melting, and patching away!

    So out of the blue, I thought I’d try the MB Special Healing Powder underneath my makeup… as a primer. Although it did make such a mess, I stuck with it. I powdered my face and I did look a bit like a clown! But after I powdered my face evenly, I then went on to apply my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer… finish it off with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder Foundation. Maybe I’ll do a separate post on this new foundation routine, but seriously… effective.

    The Special Healing Powder is this loose greenish powder. It says on the packaging that: “it is a sulfur based powder that will help not only control excess oils and reduce redness, but will also disinfect and heal blemishes.”

    I recommend it for the oily-sensitive skinned gals, or for those that are going through that skin-irritation caused by hormonal breakouts period. The green powder, as a primer, helps reduce the redness in the face. Then, when you apply foundation you will see that you skin looks so much healthier, velvety, and the makeup lasts so long.

    And what is better than knowing that underneath the makeup you have on (all day, even) is this Special Healing Powder that is constantly working to heal your irritated skin? It reduces oil indeed! And helps with the pore coverage! And, it disinfects and HEALS blemishes.

    I don’t care if this powder gets everywhere and makes a mess! If this is the result that I am getting, I’m sticking with it! xxx

    If the applicator is too much of a hassle and mess, you can use a brush or what not. Also, I know some people use this on top of makeup to set it! I find that using it underneath is the best and when I do that, I don’t need to reapply it on top. Also, don’t be surprised at how powdery this is! I bet you will all look like a clown after applying it haha. But stick with it and keep spreading it out evenly. Make sure to use it sparingly of course. You don’t want to overdo it or you might dry out your skin a bit too much. If you apply this after makeup, make sure you use a BRUSH and dust it maybe in your t-zone area. Don’t use the pad applicator that it comes with or you’ll end up with blots of green powder. But if you are using it underneath, no worries if you look cray. You just need to go through your next step in apply foundation. Then the green dissolves 🙂


    May Favorites

    I filmed a May Favorites on my Youtube channel. Although I wanted to feature a lot more skincare products I’ve fallen in love with the past month, I thought it’d end up being a very long video. So, instead I’ve decided to do a separate skincare routine.

    Watch the video and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed it! Also, I love reading your comments. Do tell me what you’ve been loving or really anything 🙂

    Products mentioned:

    • Rose of Bulgaria Body Balsam *forgot to take a picture of this one
    • Josie Maran Whipped argan oil intensive hand cream
    • Benefit Pore-fessional primer
    • MAC Soba eyeshadow
    • Milani Baked blush in luminoso 05
    • Collection concealer in light 02
    • Maybelline clear eyebrow gel + Perfekt eyebrow gel
    • Essie Topless & Barefoot
    • Kiehl’s in-flight refreshing face mist
    • Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate
    • Missha Cell Renewal Snail Cream

    First Impressions of Sephora VIB Beauty Haul

    I recently received my Sephora VIB package, stuffed with a few goodies that I purchased during their 15% sale. It’s not a lot, but it’s products I’ve been eyeing for quite some time now. As you saw with my wishlist, it is pretty much exact what I said I’d get. I’ve had a few days to try them all out, so I’m going to give you a first impressions of these products!

    Hourglass Cosmetics Blush
    The first one up, and my favorite so far is the Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Blush in Radiant Magenta. I’ve heard a lot about them, and after contemplating about it some more, I thought it’d be a good time to get it during the sale season. The shade Radiant Magenta was eye-catching from the start. I know it wasn’t one of the more popular ones (Dim Infusion) but the bright pink and golden peachy swirl looked captivating! 

    Hourglass Cosmetics Eye-brow Sculpting Pencil
    Another impressive product by the same brand is their eyebrow sculpting pencil. It has two sides, one with the eyebrow spatchela /brush and the other with the eyebrow pencil. I got the shade “arch” was is their medium shade (they only have 3 shades). I love the shade because it is on the gray side rather than orange or yellow-brown. It’s very waxy so it will stay on so much longer than the creamier types. I love the packaging!

    Bumble and Bumble City Swept Hair Spray
    It promises a “lived-in, street-styled look” with separation and sheen. I love this thing! Because I get my hair chemically-straightened and I have a lot of layers in my hair, the day I wash my hair I hate the way the layers look dead. I usually put my hair right into a bun (with a pencil) so that after a few hours I get a naturally “tousled” look. But this hair spray makes it so much easier. They say to spray it on dry hair, as you lift it up and let them fall through mist. It gives hold without tangling your hair, which I found the Bumble and Bumble Surf spray does.

    Hourglass Cosmetics Mineral Veil Primer
    This is a cult fave of mine, and something I’ve repurchased over and over again. I’ve been wanting this product in a different packaging and voila! They came out with a JUMBO size that comes in a TUBE. *YES* The glass bottle makes it so hard to use up all the products inside, but this tube, you can squeeze it out.
    In terms of how much I love the product, you can check it out here.

    Buxom Lip Cream in “Sophia”
    I used 100 points to add this to my basket. It has a tingling effect that plumps your lips. I found that the color is not obvious, so I like to layer on top of a lipstick. I definitely feel the tingling sensation. Unfortunately, I don’t think it plumps my lips that much. I mean, I’m not expecting injection-effect, but I didn’t see much difference considering how uncomfortable the tingling effect was.


    Wishlist #5. SEPHORA VIB

    I just received an early access Sephora VIB Sale that will begin on April 3rd,  and end on April 11th. VIB members are given a 15% discount, and you know what that means. A lot of things you’ve been eyeing going out of sale. So, I decided to get an early start and make a small list of products I know I will be buying. After creating this little list, I realized most of them were from Hourglass Cosmetics.

    This wish list is obviously not exhaustive. I’ve had to cut things down to the ones I really plan on getting. With makeup, is there ever an end anyway?

    I’ve tried a few Bumble and Bumble products, but nothing has really triggered me to get them as much as this one: their CitySwept Finish spray that is supposed to give you that tousled, natural hair. With my recent cut, I’ve been needing movement with all my layers.

    Besides that one hair product, the rest are Hourglass Cosmetics products. The first one is the ridiculously raved Ambient light blush. I seriously don’t know what color to choose, but for now, it is the Radiant Magenta. Another product I’ve been eyeing so long was their Sculpting Eyebrow. Every since I started messing around with my eyebrows, it has required me to take care of them. *Should’ve left them natural*. Finally, the last product is a product that has been a forever repurchase. It’s their Mineral Veil Primer. Instead of what I usually get, the 1oz. size, this time I’m going for their JUMBO seize of 2oz. Sounds like the better deal, especially with that packaging! I personally don’t like the glass packaging. So excited to get my hands on this one 🙂

    What are some of the things you’re excited to get this VIB sale season? xx Recommend? 🙂