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    Simple Cleansing Water⎜Compatible with Bioderma Miscellare

    This stuff aka Simple’s Cleansing Miscellar Water is amazing, totally compatible with the famous Bioderma Miscellare H20 makeup remover, and if you didn’t know, I swear by Bioderma‘s Miscellare H20, much like everybody else 🙂 But the one I’m raving about today is the Simple Cleansing Miscellar Water. I have been searching for something to replace the still hard-to-get Bioderma Miscellare H20, which is available but still expensive! And since I can’t make the trip to Paris any time soon, I had to find something. Read more

    Discovery Product #8⎪SebaMed Cleansing Bar

    I’m adding to my “Brand Discovery” / “Discovery Product” series. This time, it is not about makeup . It’s a skincare product, and in a bigger sense, about their skincare line that I’ve never heard of before. It is called SebaMed. My mother knows how much I ail about my skin and in her random shopping, she came across this brand and thought I should try it.

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