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    Discovery Product #8⎪SebaMed Cleansing Bar

    I’m adding to my “Brand Discovery” / “Discovery Product” series. This time, it is not about makeup . It’s a skincare product, and in a bigger sense, about their skincare line that I’ve never heard of before. It is called SebaMed. My mother knows how much I ail about my skin and in her random shopping, she came across this brand and thought I should try it.

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    Evening Skincare Routine

    I thought it was about time to do an updated skincare routine, but this time, dividing the topic into an Evening and Morning part. I decided to start with my Evening Skincare Routine because this is the time I spend the most time taking care of my skin. It’s the best time to get your skin to recover and reconstruct overnight, and prep your skin for a dewy start in the morning!

    I am currently so happy with my skin and I think I owe it to this routine. By all means, don’t take everything I say as something permanent because I especially switch up my skincare, a lot. I think switching up skincare it crucial with hormonal changes, climate change, and whatever else gets in the way!

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    I wanted this video/post to be a way where we can all share our skin troubles and give each other advices. This is my advice, but leave a comment below and tell us what some of your advices are.

    My very first advice for good skin is hydration. I explain it in the video, but for those of you who are more “readers” than “watchers”, I’ll ramble on here in this post if you don’t mind! My skin is combination-to-oily, sensitive, very dehydrated, and acne-prone skin. I call it, the worst of all things put together. I battled with acne and just bad skin all throughout high-school, and then a bit through college. Then I suffered from adult acne and went through Acutane and other laser treatments.

    Besides drugging my body with Acutane nothing else seemed to work. I stopped taking medicine for my skin when I saw how much negative effects it had on my body. Since then, I’ve been trying to find products that work for me.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin behaves well when I feed it water-based, water-infused products. These are products that are not just creams and butter-y products that are heavy and block the pores. I favor products that feel like water in some cream or gel form that hydrates the skin for hours. You can see by the products I talk about, what those products all have in common. Water.

    Removing makeup
    I start by removing my makeup with the all-too-well-known Bioderma Miscellare Crealine H2O. It’s simple. Take a few cotton pads. Dap it with this magic water. Wipe your face. Makeup off. Boom!

    But here’s a note to remember. Don’t replace this for a proper cleansing session! You want to let the Bioderma be a preliminary step, and then go on to really washing your face with a good cleanser.

    I currently use two cleansers on and off. Both I love, both I’m almost done with, and both I will repurchase again! One is the IPKN Pore Refresh Cleansing Foam. Don’t care anymore what skincare gurus say about foaming cleansers, because at the end of the day, this particular cleanser gets deeeeeep into my pores and really washes everything out and away! I use this in the morning sometimes too, and I have no trouble with it at all 🙂
    The other cleanser is the Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm. The only balm I’ve used. Seems pretty good. It does the job, takes the remainder makeup off, cleanses skin, makes it feel fresh… what more to say?

    I’m a toner junkie. If there is something I will never leave out, it is toner. Peeps, do tone your skin. It preps the skin for all that luxurious product you apply afterwards. It cleanses the skin somehow too! I am a total fan of the Mario Badescu toners. All of them, but in particular the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion. I know it says lotion, but don’t be put off by it. It is a toner.
    What I featured in my video though was the Seaweed Cleansing Lotion. Equally good, more gentle because it is for the dry-skinned peeps. It has “witch hazel” that took the skincare blogs by storm! So if your looking for an alternative to the Pixi Glow Tonic you might consider this. But *cough cough* I prefer the Mario Badescu one!

    First Level Aqua
    I have no name for this stage. The product is called a serum, but it feels too light to be anything really. It just feels like water. I call this the “First Level Aqua” because I like to use a really replenishing, hydrating, water-infused product before I begin with proper serums and creams. This is because when a water-infused product lays as the foundation to my other skincare, I find that thicker and heavier products soak in better!!! And that’s so important for me.
    Currently I’m using the ISOI Bulgarian Rose Blemish Serum. All natural, no chemicals, and gel-type serum that feels exactly like water that doesn’t drip off. It soaks into the skin in less than a few seconds because the skin loves it. It’s like watering a tight skin, and giving it instant satisfaction.

    After I lay a good foundation for the skin, only then do I apply a thick oil-based serum. Currently, I am loving the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. When I used this oil serum by itself without a water-based foundation, it did nothing. My skin did not eat it up. But with a good water foundation, this did sink it deeply and I found my skin improving so much. It’s helped with the scarring and blemishes and overall good skin quality!
    As a side note, I also like to use the Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum at times. That also is an oil-based thick serum great for acne-skinned, hyper-pigmented skin types.

    Second Level Aqua
    I am sandwiching products by layering them with water, water, water! I recommend this light-weight moisturizer to everyone! It is the Missha Water Supply Essence. It replenishes the skin, and your skin will love it. That is all. It’s just so great, and it is thicker than the ISOI product and lighter than a regular moisturizer so it’s that perfect layer to go on top of my serum.

    Third Level Aqua – final
    I want my skin to remain nourished all night. I’m going to finish everything with the thickest and heaviest product. But don’t be put off by the sound of “heaviest”. It is still a gel and it will help your skin remain bouncy and youthful. It is the Missha Cell Renew Snail Cream. I talk a bunch about this in my last monthly favorites here: May Favorites
    It’s a great finish off!

    Eye Cream
    I either do this at the beginning or at the end. Either way, I like to take care of my under eyes before I regret it later on! I currently using the Kiehl’s Avocado Eye cream. Great hydration and not too heavy on the skin!


    May Favorites

    I filmed a May Favorites on my Youtube channel. Although I wanted to feature a lot more skincare products I’ve fallen in love with the past month, I thought it’d end up being a very long video. So, instead I’ve decided to do a separate skincare routine.

    Watch the video and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed it! Also, I love reading your comments. Do tell me what you’ve been loving or really anything 🙂

    Products mentioned:

    • Rose of Bulgaria Body Balsam *forgot to take a picture of this one
    • Josie Maran Whipped argan oil intensive hand cream
    • Benefit Pore-fessional primer
    • MAC Soba eyeshadow
    • Milani Baked blush in luminoso 05
    • Collection concealer in light 02
    • Maybelline clear eyebrow gel + Perfekt eyebrow gel
    • Essie Topless & Barefoot
    • Kiehl’s in-flight refreshing face mist
    • Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate
    • Missha Cell Renewal Snail Cream

    Worth the Hype? La Roche-Posy Serozinc and Pixi Glow Tonic

    I’ve had a good period of trying out these two unbelievably talked about (in the #bbloggers world) skincare products. These purchases were both made in their respective countries — one in London, UK, and the other in Paris, France. They were a totally blogger-induced purchases, and I tried quite desperately to love them as much as they promised to do for my skin.

    As you can see where this is going, I haven’t fallen in love with these two products (at all). The week when I got back from my trip to Europe, Pixi had just launched in the US and they were making this hit “Glow Tonic” toner available to the US customers. Had I known, I wouldn’t have had such trouble trying to carry that bottle back home. I spilt 1/4th when going to Paris, and then another 1/6th when I got back home!

    But if it was going to be worth it, I was okay. But all along when I was using it throughout my trip in Europe and then when I got back home, I just didn’t see what the hype was about. I was already committed to my Mario Badescu toners, and so this “Glow Tonic” didn’t stand out for me at all. My skin was quite congested and it just really did not do much for my skin. I didn’t break out especially either. Perhaps it is so gentle I don’t see a difference? I completely used it, to be fair, but I would not repurchase it again.

    The other hit item is La Roche-Posay‘s Serozinc toner. Again, a toner product that didn’t do much. It is supposed to clear up the skin and just make the biggest difference for the combination skinned peeps. I am one, but this didn’t make a huge difference in my skin. It does feel like water, and I do know that zinc is great for the skin– but did I clear up more after using this? Did my skin seem to produce less excess oil? Did my skin look fresher? Did it clean up my pores? Did it tighten my skin the right way? No, no.. no and no.

    I do have to say though that I did prefer the “Serozinc” over the “Glow Tonic”. I felt less congested, but again, it just wasn’t enough of a difference. Sigh!

    I am back to using my favorite toners from Mario Badescu. Hands down, still the best for me.