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    Tom Ford lipstick⎪Spanish Pink


    Tom Ford lipsticks. What a treat! I made sure that my second Tom Ford lipstick purchase was actually a shade I could wear everyday. I’ve stood by the Tom Ford counter multiple times, trying on all their shades. I grew a loving for the shade Spanish Pink – the perfect subtle nude pink. I often find that people think I have a lighter skin than I actually do– and when people recommend pinky nudey shades, I always find that they sit really weird on my lips. The shades are almost always too light. But Spanish Pink does it perfect. It is a natural, natural, pink with a bit of nude-component to it.

    I love that I can carry around this lipstick in my bag and apply it all throughout the day, although I have to say that the wear is very decent indeed! I only apply maybe two-three times throughout the whole day. It does not dry the lips. It isn’t matte or shiny. It is just somewhere in the middle of the two.

    The first Tom Ford lipstick I had bought was in the shade Violet Fatale a beautiful plum-cherry shade. I love it dearly, but I just don’t find enough occasions to wear it! So unfortunately, that sits idly on my topshelf without much use. But I’m sure this shade will be the perfect one to keep reaching to!

    A hefty price of fifty-some dollars, but when it’s in your hands, it feels great x