The Answer.

Get ready. I’m about to reveal the secret, the answer to clear skin and magically erasing blemishes. Here it is…

I have been using this for about two months now, more like a month and a half. As I often mention in my blogposts, it was found while on a casual cruise through my sister’s makeup/skincare collection. I saw this sitting on her topshelf. It was this Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum. I thought, hey, let’s get this a try.


If you don’t know already, I am a massive and I mean MASSIVE fan of Mario Badescu products. My first ever skincare video was all Mario Badescu. By using their skin products, I was finally able to move on from my long-time acne skin. After using them for awhile and getting clearer skin, I would start experimenting on other skincare products. But somehow, for better or for worse, I would always come back to Mario Badescu.

So, that being said, my unwavering trust in their brand drove me to give this a go. I remember reading somewhere that Vitamin C was good for skin scarring. Hey, I’ve got tons for that!

Within one day (I wish I was exaggerating!), I saw a difference in my skin tone. It was brighter and my bumps were instantly sunken in. But, at that time I was also trying this and that so I wasn’t sure if it was due to the serum. It could also just be a “good day”, you know? So, I kept at it. I was using it morning and night, after the toning stage. I would add a moisturizer or a night cream on top of it.

In one week, my face looked as if I had laser peeling done.

In two weeks, I was brazen enough to walk out of my house with just a very small amount of BB cream.

By the third week, I am unashamed to erase my makeup and go out to public. Even though it is definitely not flawless, my scars have diminished by 90%. Some are even gone. Even the most gruesomely dark scars left over from my puberty years have disappeared. My overall skin tone has become brighter. Pores have shrunken.

I almost feel like this is magic.

Then the final bang was when random people at school were commenting on my skin and how much clearer and brighter it’s gotten. People have commented and asked whether good things are happening in my life (they are actually) and if that was the reason for skin improvement. Some people comment saying I must be getting really good sleep.

Whatever their assumptions or guesses are, the answer is only one. Mario Badescu’s Vitamin C Serum.

Oh my gosh. This oil-like serum sometimes tingles my skin, and sometimes it just feels like lathering my skin with very light oil. It may feel slightly sticky for some people, although I didn’t catch any of that. I even apply it in the morning, religiously. I cover my whole face with it, then tap it in. I finish it off with either Mario Badescu Buttermilk moisturizer or the Seaweed night cream at night.

However, any dermatologists out there (or skincare gurus!) does Vitamin C dry out your skin? For such an oily-skinned person like me, my skin has become really dehydrated! Currently, I am trying out different skincare products to really deeply hydrate my skin. I totally miss my ATOMY “Again” serum. I haven’t found the time to search for the product and get it! That completely hydrates my skin like no other serum.

Yet, even though my skin has been feeling tight and dry, I have not for a single day stopped using this Vitamin C serum. Amazing. I have finished one whole bottle of it (it was only 1/3 full from the start), and just bought another one today.

This is a must have. I swear by it. If this works on a skin like mine, the chances it’ll work on yours is pretty damn high! 🙂

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