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Too Cool For School is a Korean beauty line that’s known for their hip products! I don’t know too much about the brand as a whole, but I’ve always had them on my radar whenever I was in Korea because their store on Gahrohso-gil seriously calls you in.

Some of my dear friends got me some of their products while they were there, and I wanted to show you some of them! I’ve only just got them so I haven’t properly tried them. Once I have, I’ll let you know on my thoughts of them. In the meantime, look at their cute packaging.

First off, their cushion foundation with-a-fancy-name (Dinoplatz). I’m not even going to try to spell out the phonetics for you hope you’ll understand! The shade is no.21 so I’m thinking it’s going to be a bit too light for me, since I normally wear a no.23 and even that is a bit too light.

The cool thing about this palette is that underneath it all is a little pull-out with a concealer, blusher, and highlighter! Cool, cool! And it’s light, just in case you’re wondering.

Then, this is supposedly their best-selling item. It’s their contouring product called Artclass by Rodin. The shade looks awesome!

Then, blusher. Cutest thing ever! This is their Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher in #2 Surf’s Up

Then, finally the liquid eyeliner in black! It’s pretty generic in terms of how it looks but once I try it, if you’re interested, I can do a review on it (as well as the other products)! Just let me know 🙂
I’m excited to try them all! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you recommend 🙂


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