Under-Eye Concealers

Under eye concealers have only been a recent thing for me. I first discovered how much of a difference they make only last year, and since then, I’ve been using them incessantly. They do what I’ve always thought was lacking– brighten in just the right places. These four under-eye concealers have been superb and I would like to recommend them to you. In no particular order, they are some of my favorites.

The luxe of them is the Burberry Sheer Concealer No.02. Like the name suggests, it is sheer in that it is watery but it definitely has enough pigmentation to make the dark circles disappear. The shade that I have is a pinky-salmon color that cancels out the blueish dark circles. It is also hydrating in that even after hours, it won’t crack or crease under your eyes. I’m sure we all look for that in under-eye concealers, right? The packaging is lovely in that its in a form of a pen, and you just need to click to have enough come through the brush.

If you aren’t too particular about packaging, you may resort to more affordable options that are just as marvelous. The first one I’d recommend is the Maybelline Dream Lumi-Touch Concealer. There are several shades offered, but I again looked for the salmon colored one called “radiant”. It should fit for all shades, as long as you blend it out well. It is such an instant highlighter, and it very long-lasting. I’ve gone through two of these already. Another Maybelline concealer that’s pretty amazing is the Dark-Circle Eraser Concealer that I’ve blogged about here, before.

The two others are from my recent trip to London. One is available here in the States: Rimmel Wake me Up Concealer in the shade soft beige. It a little less long-lasting than the other concealers, and it is the creamiest. However, I still love it because days when my skin feels really dry and cracked(?), I love using this concealer in particular because it’s so creamy. It helps the dryness around my eyes, and hydrates that area the best. The color isn’t too salmon, but it does a good job highlighting.

Lastly, Collection 2000 is from the UK drugstore, and I doubt you can get that here in the States. I know this is a favorite of all the UK bloggers I know of, and I can see why. It is like water, and it is really instant. You can put a bunch of it on your eyes, but it’ll pat perfectly and have a skin-like finish. Again this color isn’t all-too salmon, but it helps brighten the areas: under-eyes, bridge of the nose, between eyebrows and the like.

So far, I use them in rotation. Tell me what some of your favorites are! x

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