Vibrant Orange Lips with Giorgio Armani

It was love at first sight. I was wearing Hourglass liquid lipstick in “Muse” when I was walking by the Giorgio Armani‘s makeup counter. I saw the reflection of my vibrant coral lips achieved by the liquid lipstick, and also saw that my lips could help with a little precision. I’ve always entertained the idea of having fuller, or at least, more defined lips but felt too unexperienced in lip liners to give it a try. But, I was quite drawn to this orange lip liner shade. I picked it up and began drawing in a careful line on the outer edges of my lips.

The moment the tip of the Giorgio Armani lip liner in shade no. 6 touched my lips, it felt creamy. Most lip liners I’ve tried were so waxy that they almost pulled and tugged at my lips when drawing them in. But this, this wasn’t like that at all. It glided smoothly, yet precisely, without bleeding all across my lips. When I stepped back to see what it all looked like, I was more than happy. The color was beautiful. It complemented so well with the lipstick shade I was wearing, and I know orange is going to be big (as it always is in the warmer months) come Spring and Summer.

But I cut to the chase and now I’m walking around, wearing full-blown orange lips everywhere. This long-lasting, creamy, beautiful orange shade is marvelous both as a lip liner and as a lip color to wear on its own. After I give it a slight shading on my lips, I add a lip balm on top of it (something like the Nuxe reve de miel is perfect), and voila! It’s perfect.

Here’s me wearing it. It’s more vibrant in person, but as it is an Instagram picture, the quality is what it is:

I knew I was in love with this when I recently lost it, and went days on end, looking for it. Today, I found it. And, those long and empty days without this made me realize that this very well might be my favorite orange lip shade! x

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